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Walrus Pub & Beer Hall

With the previous successful project, Death and Taxes under their belt, Vancouver-based Donnelly Group once again looked to Leedwood to provide high quality millwork to their next project, their latest Toronto venture Walrus Pub and Beer Hall on the corner of Bay Street and Wellington in the Financial District opened in 2018.

Walrus' large, divided room boasts an eclectic, but polished look, courtesy of Ste Marie Design and their in-house artist/designer, Ricky Alvarez. Ste Marie is arguably one of Western Canada's most sought after design firms and has done the interiors of many award-winning restaurants such as Kissa Tanto and Savio Volpe.


This particular space offers up tall walls filled with a myriad of framed artwork, both large and small, plenty of brass lighting fixtures and sparsely decorated book shelves standing in front of floor-to-ceiling round framed windows that look out onto Wellington street.


On the pub side of things, you'll find a long bar with shiny gold paneling and a line-up of flatscreens above their tap lines. 

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